The Clinical Coagulation Laboratory at Dynacare Laboratories, under the direction of Dr. Alexandra Harrington, MD, MT (ASCP), offers routine and specialty coagulation services for Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital/Medical College of Wisconsin and surrounding inpatient and outpatient facilities. Over the last year, the lab has focused heavily on investigating and controlling pre-analytical variables in coagulation testing and the influence of new anticoagulants on routine coagulation assays. The laboratory is currently working on increasing the test menu and developing a coagulation laboratory patient service.

The Clinical Coagulation Laboratory works closely with physicians from Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, the Blood Center of Wisconsin and Childrens’ Hospital of Wisconsin to provide quality patient care in the work-up of complex hemostasis disorders and teach pathology trainees. Our laboratory has an emphasis on education with rotating pathology residents and hematopathology fellows participating in interpretation of coagulation tests, quality improvements projects, and daily instruction on complex coagulation topics.


Alexandra M. Harrington, MD

Alexandra M. Harrington, MD

Associate Professor of Pathology; Director of Hematology and Coagulation Laboratories and Phlebotomy Services Related Links