Clinical Cytogenetics

We participate in rotations of Pathology Residents, Hematopathology Fellows, Hematology-Oncology fellows from CHW, Students in the Women’s month-long Health Elective, visiting observers, and welcome those interested to spend time in the lab. The Director participates in weekly Heme-Onc conference, monthly Clinical Genetics rounds at CHW, and the entire lab convenes for a monthly Cytogenetics Case Exchange via the Web with Cytogenetics Labs in Madison, Boston, Marshfi eld and U. of Chicago. Our lab initiated the Case Exchange, which has garnered national interest as a forum for Cytogenetics abnormal case and issues discussion and education. It is an accredited CME activity, and recently attracted interest on the part of the Association for Professors of Human and Medical Genetics and the American Society of Human Genetics, the latter from which we hope to get support to expand this program to a wider national audience.

We have expanded our service to research efforts on this campus, by serving as a virtual “core lab” in establishing tissue cultures on specimens, performing cryopreservation for future studies, and conducting cytogenetic analysis. In this capacity we serve several investigators at the Children’s Research Institute and the Translational Research facility at MCW.

A major effort in late 2012-early 2013 will be directed to developing genomic microarray analysis as an adjunct to conventional cytogenetic and FISH analysis. This technology renders higher resolution genomic analysis than current traditional techniques. This is already established as an important technology in labs such as ours, and will be an important enhancement of our services rendered to Ob-Gyn , especially in the areas of prenatal diagnosis and analysis of pregnancy loss. Applications in oncology will likely follow as well.



Peter VanTuinen, PhD

Peter VanTuinen, PhD

Associate Professor of Pathology; Director of Clinical Cytogenetics, Dynacare Laboratories