Clinical Pathology

The clinical laboratory at Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital (Wisconsin Diagnostic Laboratories, Milwaukee) is a full-service facility that performs approximately 8 million tests annually. The laboratory is located within Froedtert Memorial Lutheran Hospital, but also functions as a reference laboratory for clients in the Milwaukee area and across the state of Wisconsin. Medical direction for the laboratory is provided exclusively by MCW Pathology Faculty, who deliver robust clinical consultation and work in close partnership with Dynacare managerial staff to deliver the best possible patient care.

The clinical test menu includes a wide range of testing encompassing hematology, chemistry, toxicology, immunology, microbiology, cytogenetics, flow cytometry, and molecular diagnostics. Our large, open laboratory space houses cutting edge testing platforms, with automated chemistry and hematology lines, semi-automated blood leukocyte differential counts and urine sediment evaluations, routine 8-color flow cytometry for hematologic neoplasia, rapid microbial speciation using nucleic acid and mass spectrometry techniques, microbial identification and detection of common resistance determinants directly from culture bottles, and a wide range of molecular cytogenetic (FISH) targets available for both fresh tissue and paraffin sections.