Utilization Committee

Voting Members

Non-Voting Members

Mary Rau


To provide a pathological assessment of all requests for specimens send to the MCW Tissue Bank in order to ensure that what the investigator is asking for will fulfill their research needs.


  1. The Utilization Committee will review the Specimen Request Form and will determine, based on the criteria below, the best use of tissue bank specimens based on the scientific intent of the investigator’s study.
    1. Type of specimen(s) requested
    2. Number of samples requested
    3. Fulfillment of research needs as it relates to investigator’s study
  2. Changes requested by the Utilization Committee are made during this review in conjunction with the investigator submitting the Specimen Request Form. Investigators are not required to make any requested revisions to the request form, and may request that the Utilization Committee submit their findings to the Executive Committee as originally submitted.
  3. The Utilization Committee members will present a short summary of their findings to the Executive Committee who will rule on use of the specimens for the purposed of the MCW Tissue Bank.