Clinical Consenting

MCW Tissue Bank – Patient Eligibility Criteria

Before you approach a patient to inquire if he/she is interested in meeting with an MCW Tissue Bank Consenter, always ask yourself the following three questions of each potential participant:

  • Is the potential participant 18 years of age or older?
  • Does the potential participant speak/read English?
  • Is this potential participant capable of making a complicated decision?

If the answer to any of these questions was “NO”, the patient is not an eligible participant.

**If the patient is clearly opposed to meeting with the Tissue Bank, please inform the consenter so that we can add an FYI Flag for that patient so they are not contacted again.

*A meeting with the Tissue Bank does not mean that the patient has to participate

Questions Frequently Asked by Clinic Staff

What is the MCW Tissue Bank, and why are they in my clinic?

What are we asking of patients?

Which patients can I approach?

How do I explain the Tissue Bank to the patient?

What if they don’t want to meet with the Tissue Bank?

What do I need to do if the patient says yes?

Do I need to do anything else?

Questions Frequently Asked by Patients

Why am I being asked to participate in the Tissue Bank?

What kind of research may be done with my samples?

What is the Institutional Review Board or IRB?

Is this about donating organs or other body parts in the event of my death?

Can I donate blood even if I have infected/contaminated blood?

Can I donate blood even if I am worried about the effect of the blood draw on my health?

Can I donate tissue and no blood or vice versa?