Medical College of Wisconsin Tissue Bank

From left to right: Janelle Lang-Piette, Monica Thom, Allia Nelson, Dr. Saul Suster, Mollie Patton, Mary Rau, Dr. Lauren Parsons, Ellen Schneider

Medical College of Wisconsin Tissue Bank

The Medical College of Wisconsin Tissue Bank is a secure storage facility where blood and tissue samples are kept for use in future research by staff on the Froedtert and Medical College campus. Before the Tissue Bank existed, a research study would be approved and then the researcher would spend a majority of their time collecting blood and tissue samples before they could begin their research. Now that this facility is available, researchers can propose a study and request prepared samples as soon as the research has been approved.

The Medical College of Wisconsin Tissue Bank is continuously improving this process by providing researchers with blood and tissue samples that have already been collected. Having samples readily available expedites research and paves the way for accelerated development of medications and treatments, optimizing the potential to manage and cure diseases.

Expansion of clinics where patients can be approached for consent has been approved by the IRB and patients can now be consented in all areas of the hospital and clinics. If you are interested in having your Froedtert clinic or hospital area participate in consenting, please contact the MCW Tissue Bank at 414-805-8829.


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