Multi-Headed Teaching Microscopes

There are several multi-headed microscopes throughout the Department. The Hematopathology sign-out room has a 10 headed microscope that is connected to a monitor so residents and students are able to participate in sign-outs. The Surgical Pathology area has 3 separate multi-headed microscopes – two 5 headed and one 10 headed microscope. This is very conducive to the subspecialty sign-out system.

The residents have their own 10 headed microscope in their office area that is also attached to a monitor, where the residents can collectively review slides for unknown conferences, as well as slide sets, difficult or unique cases.

Last and certainly not least, the chairman’s conference room has an 18 headed microscope attached to a monitor. This conference room is used for unknown conferences, the daily peer review conference, as well as other conferences. There is also a wall mounted monitor which enables a large audience to participate in the conferences.