CP Case Conference

This weekly, one-hour conference is divided into two parts.

The first half of the hour is devoted to reporting of resident CP calls taken in the previous week. These are presented in a PowerPoint format as case vignettes with chronological details of the way events transpired. For complex cases, the residents may append small topical didactic presentations to a given call discussion. The call presentations are used as a springboard for interactive discussion of the salient issues involved in the call and, when appropriate, constructive criticism of the way a call was handled. This portion serves both an educational and quality assurance function.

The second half of the conference is devoted to a resident case presentation. These rotate among residents and between the various CP areas, the latter in proportion to the annual resident-months in each respective area. These PowerPoint presentations typically involve presentation of a recent case with a fairly in-depth, didactic presentation that requires critical review and summary of relevant literature. Laboratory management topics are encouraged. Preparation requires the use of a variety of online resources. This learning experience addresses all of the six core competencies. Residents are expected to develop their topics and Powerpoint presentations in conjunction with a faculty person. A checklist to ensure the achievement of the goals of the conference is available for resident guidance.