Educational Conferences

The conferences described below comprise the required departmental educational sessions for residents. The conference attendance policy delineates which conferences are required for which residents. Attendance is monitored through sign-in sheets that are removed 10 minutes into the conference, and compiled in New Innovations. An overall required conference attendance of 80% is required of each resident.

Various other conferences (e.g., multidisciplinary conferences, CPC) are strongly encouraged but not required. The structure of the didactic and conference schedule is designed to provide continuous gains in knowledge and skills in the various content domains over the sometimes prolonged gaps between rotations in some areas.

Core Didactic Sessions

The core didactic curriculum is organized as daily 7:30 AM lectures, Tuesday through Friday, for the majority of the academic year, up to two CP and two AP sessions each week. Both the AP... More ›

Peer Review Conference

Peer Review Conference

Daily Peer Review Conference for surgical pathology is held Monday through Thursday around the Chairman’s multi-headed microscope and is moderated by the chairman. This provides an opportunity for faculty and residents to review challenging... More ›

Unknown Conferences

The first four Mondays of each month at 7:30 AM are dedicated to rotating unknown conferences: 1 surgical pathology, 1 hematopathology, 1 cytopathology, and 1 gross pathology unknown conference per month. A pediatric... More ›

CP Case Conference

This weekly, one-hour conference is divided into two parts. The first half of the hour is devoted to reporting of resident CP calls taken in the previous week. These are presented in a... More ›

Journal Clubs

There are one AP Journal Club and one CP Journal Club per month. Residents rotate presenting at journal clubs, with coverage of the various sub-specialty areas in AP and CP. A detailed description of Journal... More ›