Evaluation Process

Residents are evaluated formally at the completion of each rotation using a standardized electronic evaluation organized around the milestones and the six core competencies. Each evaluation is discussed face to face with the resident, as well, with opportunity for written response. Also, during each rotation, a mid-rotation informal written and face-to-face evaluation is conducted to assess progress, provide constructive criticism, and provide suggestions for weak areas that require special attention.

On a semiannual basis, written evaluations of residents are performed by technical and support staff who interact with residents regularly, in several areas of the department and laboratory. Additional, semi-annual peer evaluations are accomplished via an anonymous web-based survey mechanism. Finally, rotating medical students will be asked to provide written evaluations of residents with whom they have worked at the end of their rotations through the department.

Objective evaluation is accomplished in part by the annual Resident In-Service Examination, in which all residents participate. This primarily address medical knowledge, with lesser components of the other core competencies. Additionally, each non-elective rotation will have an end of rotation quiz to provide additional objective evaluation.

Teaching faculty are evaluated electronically and anonymously by residents at the completion of each rotation. These evaluations are provided in aggregate to each faculty person at the end of the academic year. These evaluation help inform, along with feedback from the program director, the teaching evaluation portion of the annual written faculty reviews conducted by the pathology chair.