Forensic Pathology

Pathology residents experience a single one month rotation in forensic pathology during the third or fourth year of their residency (additional experience can be made available as needed to obtain American Board of Pathology required numbers of autopsies and if the resident chooses to do an elective month at the ME’s office). During the course of their rotation, residents will be expected to perform assigned autopsy examinations, review records pertaining to deceased individuals, formulate accurate causes and manners of death, review and interpret necessary ancillary tests (microscopy, toxicology, radiology, neuropathology, and microbiology), communicate with interested parties regarding the decedent (family members, law enforcement personnel, and medical personnel), and produce accurate and understandable autopsy reports in a timely manner. Other requirements include making a single ½-hour Power Point presentation on the topic of the resident’s choice, attending morning rounds, attending educational conferences, and viewing physician courtroom testimony (when possible).