The Cytopathology rotation of the pathology residency program is designed to provide a foundation for a resident physician to excel and develop competence in the diagnosis and evaluation of clinical cytology specimens, and an interest in research applications within the discipline of cytopathology. The overall goal of the rotation is to provide broad-based training in the approach to diagnosis of both benign and malignant diseases, as well education in the structure and function of the routine cytology laboratory. A multimodality approach is stressed, with incorporation of information from multiple sources, including clinical, radiological, and sometimes flow cytometry data. Through participation in conferences and teaching activities, an academic approach to cytopathology is encouraged. Ultimately, in concert with the rest of the training program, the aim is to develop pathologists who understand the management of a laboratory enterprise by instilling an understanding of the medical decision-making role that pathologists bring to the laboratory, and to the broader system of healthcare.