Danielle de Stefano, MD

Danielle de Stefano, MD

Danielle de Stefano, MD

Medical School: Escola de Medicina da Santa Casa de Misericordia de Vitoria, Brazil
Year of Graduation: 2002

I was born and raised in Brazil where I also went to medical school. I spent some time as an observer at University of Porto/IPATIMUP (Portugal), at a private laboratory in Rio de Janeiro, at the Cancer Center of Sao Paulo, at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and at Yale University. I also worked as research assistant at Yale for one year.

I applied to the residency program at the Medical College of Wisconsin because I saw a great opportunity to work with great pathologists with strong backgrounds, solid publication records, and willingness to teach. So far I am really enjoying my experience.

Residents will definitely find everything that is necessary to learn and thrive in our field here. Among many other resources, we have the most comprehensive and up-to-date study materials, excellent microscopes with built-in cameras for each one of us, a multi-headed microscope connected to a computer and a screen available anytime in the residents’ room, individual computers with free access to most electronic journals through the MCW library, as well as a very generous residents’ allowance to purchase our own books and other useful resources we may need. We didn’t have that in my country, and I really appreciate all we have here.

Also we have amazing leaders in charge of our program and our Department. Our chairman is truly interested in promoting us as professionals. This is the only program I know in which the chairman has two distinct characteristics: First, he is a world-renowned surgical pathologist, very active in his field. Second, despite his extremely busy schedule, he sits everyday with his residents and attendings at the 18-multi-headed microscope, to look at cases and share his vast experience with all of us.

Something I didn’t realize before joining the program, but MCW hosts many well known pathologists from all over the world, who come here either as individual guest speakers to give us conferences in our Department, or as invited lecturers at our yearly Midwestern Update Conference in Surgical Pathology. We even get the amazing opportunity to-as residents-present cases at this conference, which helps us become prepared for future conferences and platform presentations and introduce us to other pathologists in the community.

As you can tell, I feel like I have made a good decision in coming to Milwaukee. If you have any other questions, please feel free to send me an email.