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Contact:  Mick Raich
Phone:  866-407-0763


Does your biller understand IHC coding and payment issues? Has your biller changed names? Have they outsourced your services to a BPO?  How would you know? Are you being correctly paid for your managed care contracts?  Have you had an external audit of these processes and payments? 

At Vachette, we don’t ask you to change billers; we just make sure your biller is doing their best.

Think about it — you have a million-dollar-a-year medical practice, and you are not using an outside auditor to ensure billing is done correctly?  Is that logical?

We review almost $1B in pathology charges per year — yes, you read that correctly — ONE BILLION. We work with numerous different billing agencies, as well as self-billers, and our services span the nation. 

Vachette is an auditing and consulting firm we are not a billing firm

No one audits pathology billing like us; our 686-step process is proven. We have audited 86 different billers over the past 13 years and have many happy clients in Wisconsin. Let us audit your billing and give you peace of mind.