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Contact:  Matt Zaborski
Phone:  800-288-8325 x1559
Email:  mazaborski@apsmedbill.com


APS Medical Billing is a full service billing and practice management firm, which specializes in the business of hospital based specialties.  Founded in 1960, APS has grown to service more than 140 pathology practices nationwide.  Dedicated, specialty trained, CPT and ICD9/10 coders begin the revenue cycle by ensuring the most accurate codes are submitted to carriers for consideration.  Our proprietary billing system is supported by an in-house team of programmers and is customized for each client we contract with, allowing for billing processes tailored to each client’s unique needs.  APS provides an extensive amount of attention in ensuring all billable cases are submitted for payment and our proprietary contract management system validates each claim is considered at negotiated rates, down to the penny.  Tenured practice managers meet regularly with all clients, to review performance and provide meaningful feedback on current performance as well as the ever changing professional billing environment.