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Clinical & Translational Research Core Lab

The Clinical and Translational Research Core Lab (CTRL) combines two major components in one lab: histopathology and molecular pathology.

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Residency Program

Our department is a superb environment for training in pathology, whether your long term career goal is to become a practitioner of pathology in the community or to become an academic pathologist.

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Saul Suster, MDWelcome from the Chair

Welcome to our website, and thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to our department! The Department of Pathology at the Medical College of Wisconsin serves several key roles at our institution.

As the provider of diagnostic services in anatomic (tissue) pathology and laboratory medicine, the department plays a critical support role for the entire medical center and its community of patients, physicians, paramedical personnel and researchers. Without the provision of high quality diagnostic services in surgical pathology and clinical laboratories, physicians and nurses in our system would not be able to properly evaluate patients admitted to the hospital or in the outpatient setting, perform surgery, or treat cancer and other patients.

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Personalized Medicine and the Human Genome
Personalized Medicine and the Human Genome
Dr. Craig Mackinnon talks personalized medicine at MCW and Discovery World’s “Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code.”