The MCW Pathology Residency Program has no research requirement for graduation from the program.  However, research is strongly encouraged, and the department is committed to promoting an atmosphere of active academic inquiry, as well as satisfying ACGME program requirements and MCWAH benchmarks regarding academic participation for residents. The goal is to have 50% or more of residents participate in and present research during their training.

Clinical & Translational Research Support

Resources available to support clinical and translational research are as follows:

  1. Consultative and technical support through the department’s Translational Core Research Facility;
  2. Discretionary funds for research available through individual faculty members;
  3. Research administrative support through the department research coordinator;
  4. Ready access to clinical database searches using a dedicated departmental server that mirrors the data in the Dynacare LIS;
  5. Support of travel expenses to present abstracts at National meetings.

Residents may use up to 6 months of elective time to pursue research projects.  For all such research elective months, a faculty supervisor must be identified.  The faculty supervisor will be responsible for ensuring that the resident is appropriately guided and engaged in their project during a given elective month, and will be responsible for performing the end of rotation evaluation.