Residency Program

Residency Program

Message from the Residency Program Director

The pathology residency program at the Medical College of Wisconsin is a four year, combined Anatomic and Clinical Pathology Program, accepting 4 residents per academic year through the National Residency Match Program. The program is well rounded and balanced, with a strong and pervasive focus on resident education, with the goal of training young physicians for excellence in either academic or community practice.

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Core Curriculum / Rotations

The core curriculum involves 22 months of required AP rotations, 19 months of required CP rotations, and 7 months of... More ›

Year by Year Design of the Residency Program

The AP/CP curriculum at the Medical College of Wisconsin follows an integrated approach, with both AP and CP rotations in... More ›


Educational Conferences The conferences described below comprise the required departmental educational sessions for residents. The conference attendance policy delineates which conferences... More ›

Duty Hours & Call

Duty Hours The Institutional Policy adopted by the Graduate Medical Education Council (GMEC) on 2/21/2005 states that “Each program will conduct... More ›

Progressive Autonomy

Recognizing the limits imposed by law and ACGME requirements on the degree of autonomy permissible for a trainee, pathology faculty... More ›

How to Apply

Only applications submitted through ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service—Association of American Medical Colleges) will be considered. Information about ERAS may be... More ›