Pediatric Pathology Fellowship

The Division of Pediatric Pathology of the Medical College of Wisconsin, located in Milwaukee, WI, and based in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at Children’s Hospital Wisconsin (CHW), offers a one-year fellowship in pediatric pathology.

The fellowship program provides training in general perinatal and pediatric autopsy and surgical pathology, pediatric hematopathology, neuromuscular pathology, clinical pathology and laboratory medicine, with an introduction to molecular diagnostics, including pharmacogenomics and whole genomic sequencing. Our pediatric pathology faculty consists of eight pathologists, with specialty board certifications in pediatric pathology, hematopathology and neuropathology, three clinical PhDs and five PhD research scientists.

On an annual basis, we examine about 8,000 cases of a variety of pediatric surgical pathology specimens, 400 pediatric bone marrow aspirates and biopsies with in-house flow cytometry supported by a full-time hematopathologist, over 1200 cytopathology cases, 50-70 stillborns, fetopsies and perinatal and pediatric autopsy cases, which are supplemented by additional pediatric forensic cases at the Waukesha Medical Examiner’s Office. We also have active outside consultative practices in vascular anomalies, neuromuscular disorders and cardiac pathology. The Clinical Laboratory performs approximately one million tests annually, including over 500,000 chemistry and hematology specimens. Ten percent of the over 100,000 microbiological tests are PCR-based. The Molecular Diagnostics laboratory annually performs over 700 state-of-the-art molecular tests for the diagnosis and treatment of children with non-infectious disease. Testing includes PCR-based platforms for cystic fibrosis, pharmacogenetics, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, chromosomal duplication/deletion and whole genome sequencing for more complex cases.

We have internationally recognized expertise in pediatric vascular anomalies with a leadership role in our multidisciplinary Vascular Anomalies Center. We provide pathology support for one of the largest Pediatric Dermatology divisions in the country, the nationally prominent Herma Heart Center, and large pediatric programs in Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplantation, Gastroenterology, Neurosurgery, Neonatology, Maternal-Fetal Concerns and Genetics. We have established clinical diagnostic and research Nerve and Muscle Laboratories. We provide extended forensic pathology support through collaborations with medical examiners throughout the state, and play a major role in the Wisconsin SIDS Research Center. Opportunities for collaborative research are enriched by our division’s leadership role in the Children’s Environmental Health Sciences Center, research activity within the Children’s Research Institute (CRI) and direction of three major institutional core facilities – the CRI Histology Core, Imaging Core, and the Pediatric BioBank and Tissue Analytical Core. Inter-institutional collaborations with the Blood Research Institute of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee are also active.

Paula E. North, MD, PhD
Pediatric Pathology Fellowship Training Program
Professor and Chief (Pediatric Pathology)
Medical College of Wisconsin
Medical Director of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin

9000 W Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI, 53266
Phone: 414-266-2255